Digital industry of V4: We will support governments of our countries in digital projects of the Visegrad Group

Four organisations from digital and advanced technologies industry from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia signed a joint position expressing support for activity of Visegrad Group's countries' governments, aiming to cooperate on digital projects on issues including cybersecurity, development of robotics, cloud computing and improving digital competence.

A joint position of Digital 4V – initiative of the digital and advanced technologies industry organisations from the countries of Visegrad Group, sharing a goal of cooperatively creating a policy supporting development of innovativeness and digitisation in Central and Eastern Europe as well as striving for a close political and economical cooperation – is a response to the Digital Declaration signed in Kraków on February 17th by prime ministers of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, which regards collaboration between those countries on digital issues. – We are glad that our governments want to cooperate on projects focused on digitisation and advanced technologies, as they are vital for growth of our region and building modern economies – says Michał Kanownik, president of Digital Poland Association, signed under the Digital V4’s position. He adds: – We hope that this Declaration will be followed by tangible actions, aiming to share knowledge resources in the Visegrad Group, mutually promote digital achievements, create legislation facilitating digital growth in our countries and on the European arena as well as to coordinate activity in scope of new digital technologies.

Digital Poland Association, Czech ASE, Slovakian ITAS and Hungarian IVSZ – organisations signed under the joint position, making up the Digital V4 – stress that cooperation between four governments is of a particular importance for development of digital fields, such as Big Data, cloud solutions, robotics, machine learning, telecommunication and digital skills and competences. „We wholly agree with the signatories on the gravity of cybersecurity, which proves to be a true frontier of the 21st century, requiring our joint and focused action to assure safety for information society and modern business in the Visegrad Group. We also believe that digital infrastructure and advanced technologies are vital for a functioning digital economy and society. Efforts in that scope should especially recognise the importance of artificial intelligence, smart cities and technologically advanced services they make available for their inhabitants. These fields of development will play a vital role in the growth of our communities across the V4 Group” – the joint position reads.

Organisations of Digital V4 mention that there’s great potential to be tapped into in the economy of V4 countries. Therefore, joint efforts for digital growth will help to face modern challenges and threats ahead of a digital economy.

Digital V4 also declares its support for governments Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia in their work on digital issues across the region. „Acknowledging the key role of close cooperation on joint projects in assuring a safe and secure digital environment, we stand by Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Group in underlining the necessity for joint positions and statements in regard to digital issues, so we can represent our common best interest internationally. We are confident that closer, mutual cooperation will reinforce our position and make our voice even more significant in the field of digitisation for a great benefit of a truly digital Visegrad Group” – organisation adds.