Digital V4 is ready to cooperate with the Virtual Office for V4 Digital Projects

Digital and advanced technologies industry organisations from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia – Digital 4V – declared being ready to work with the recently established Virtual Office for V4 Digital Projects.

The common position of the organisations acting together as Digital V4 addressed to the Virtual Office for V4 Digital Projects is an answer to the Digital Declaration signed by prime ministers of the V4 countries in Cracow back in February. The document sets out political and economic directions for digital growth in the V4 region. Meanwhile the team of national coordinators appointed by each V4 country’s prime minister, initiated by Poland, is responsible for translating the goals into tangible digital projects and their coordination.

„We share the idea of building and strengthening the bilateral and multilateral cooperation within the V4 Group in the field of digitisation and being deeply involved in digital growth of the society and businesses on both national and regional level, we would like to answer the call of Visegrád Group Joint Declaration on Mutual Cooperation in Digital Projects and come forward to serve as strategic partner in regard to digital projects across the Visegrád Group” – organisations of the digital and advanced technologies industry from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary wishing to support V4 governments in digitisation of the region stated in their letter to the recently established Virtual Office for V4 Digital Projects.

Common goals of digitisation
In their letter, organisations point out that their priorities and areas of activity are convergent with goals set by the Digital Declaration „Since our establishment, we have stressed the importance of close regional cooperation between the governments and enterprises across the Visegrád Group. Our priorities include cooperating for creating policies supporting development of advanced technologies, particularly in a citizen- and SME-oriented manner, promoting the digitisation in our countries, sustainable and inclusive growth of innovative technologies, building R&D and data centres as a base for development of innovative ideas in the fields such as artificial intelligence and robotics, IoT, Big Data, 5G. We also wish to tackle the challenge of providing all of our citizens and SMEs with access to safe Internet and education in scope of digital skills and competences” – as stated by the authors of the letter.

In their letter, organisations associated in Digital V4 expressed enthusiasm in regard to establishment of the Virtual Office, consisting of Krzysztof Szubert, High Representative of the Prime Minister of Poland for European Digital Policy, Petr Očko, Czech Deputy Minister for new technologies, Radoslav Repa, Director General Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Investment and Informatisation from Slovakia Károly Balázs Solymár, Hungarian Deputy Minister of Digitalisation. Authors declared their will to support members of the Office, pointing to similarities between their fields of activity. „In our strategic cooperation and project based activity the main focus areas are: the digital transformation of the economy, overcoming the challenges of the labour market transformation, the digital renewal of SMEs, as well as the development of a vital ecosystem for start-ups, scale-ups and innovation. Being extensively involved in conducting research, remaining in constant close relations with the digital business and supporting it in developing innovative solutions and novel business models as well as working for building awareness of digital transformation in our society, we believe that our vast experience makes us the perfect fit for providing insight and council to V4 Governments” – wrote the members of Digital V4.